Teacher: "How would you define music?"
Student: "Music is someting that tickles the ears in a pleasent way!"

(I.L.Caragiale, "A High Society Pedagogue")

QUIZ QUESTION:What do you get if you mix a nice collection of lyrics to music of all kinds and from all times, plus some great free MP2-s, plus easy browsing, plus a link to the best place to buy CD-s, plus lots of fun and, of course, the chance to make your own request for a song (request that will actually be taken into consideration!)??? Have you figured it out yet? Why, of course, it's ILINCA'S MUSIC MIX!
Now, Ilinca's Music Mix also contains Romanian music from the 90-s, including Alexandru Andries, Directia V, Sarmalele Reci, Pasarea Colibri and Timpuri noi!!! I'll add more on when I get the lyrics or sound samples!

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